How would it be if our youths were to stay glued all the time to their gadgets? Well, the role of a youth worker is overlooked in outdoor activities. Apart from playing a significant role in facilitating the personal, emotional and social growth of the youths, they are also entitled to guiding them through outdoor activities. Youths like outdoor activities but without proper guidance, they may not have time to engage in them. Below is a list of interesting and refreshing outdoor activities that a youth worker would do with their youth.

1. Hiking
There are many beautiful and attractive sceneries that the youths would be thrilled to visit during holidays or on weekends. This could be a nearby waterfall or even a mountain. It would be a great opportunity for the youth to learn and bond with nature. Offering to take their friends along would be a bonus for the youth.

2. Gardening
You may be wrong to think youths despise anything that looks like a responsibility to them. It would be a great idea to assign them some piece of work to do in the garden. Youths, like being seen as grown up and engaging them in garden activities, would be a perfect opportunity for them to showcase their worth. It is also a way of preparing them for adulthood. If you make them enjoy the activity, you would be surprised to know how youths love gardening.

3. Cycling
Does your youth have a bicycle? Well, maybe you should try taking your youth for cycling one day. It could be more interesting if you would create a cycling completion but be careful to guide them how to cycle. Cycling is an interesting activity not only for the youths but also for everyone. If you want the youth to get the best out of the outdoor activities, then cycling should be part the program. Cycling is not only good for fun activities but also improve the physical fitness of the youth.

4. Walking
Walking is another outdoor activity you should try with your youth. Youths get bored when they are idle and they would find strolling around the neighborhood refreshing. You should encourage walking a long distance to facilitate fitness for your youth. There are many places to stroll and suggest for your youth where they would like to visit. You can also plan family walking trips during holidays.

5. Frisbee fun
Frisbee fun game is gaining popularity among the outdoor activities. It is a fun activity for the weekends when the youths or friends come together to enjoy their free time. You should organize for Frisbee fun game for the youth to get the best out of the free time.
Youth workers have a great responsibility of facilitating the personal, social and emotional growth of the youths. They should use their chance to instill moral values as they engage them in outdoor activities. They should also prepare them for future responsibilities in the society. There is a need to come up with an effective approach to building their character also.

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